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Delicias - Pollo con mole

The flavors of Puebla are one of the highlights for visitors to our city.

In the historic center of Puebla, you will find a large variety of restaurants and typical markets where you can indulge yourself at ease at all times. Typical dishes of Puebla worth to mention are the Chiles en Nogada and the worldwide famous Mole Poblano

Also highly recommended are the Pipián, Mestizo sauces, Mixiotes, consisting of steamed spicy beef, plus plenty of typical regional food whose culinary repertoire is also well represented in our Historic Downtown.

Deserve a separate chapter the so called "Antojitos Poblanos", whose name is because one "crave" just to see them and because they fail to be classified on the category of a proper dish, these are considered a "light meal". Los Antojitos can be found in restaurants, traditional markets and even street vendors from downtown. Among the most popular are: the chalupas, the molotes, memelas, quesadillas, chanclas, gorditas, tostadas, the tlacoyos, tamales and the Cemitas from Puebla prepared with chicken or beef.