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We invite you to a city that exemplifies contemporary development and epicenter of the ancestral wealth of the Mexican nation.

  • the zocalo of puebla

    J. de Palafox y Mendoza y Calle 16 de septiembre

    El Zocalo De La Ciudad

    Located in the heart of the historic center of the city, is an important part of the monuments declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

  • Museum Amparo

    Av. 2 Sur 708

    Museo Amparo

    Considered one of the most important cultural museums of Mexico for its rich colonial heritage and very important in art exhibitions.

  • the "ovando" bridge

    3 Oriente 801

    El Puente De Ovando

    A construction that formerly crossed the now piped San Francisco river, transformed into a ride full of legend and part of the history of the city.

  • Barrio del artista

    Privada 8 Norte 410

    Barrio Del Artista

    A charming space, ideal for walking, delighting in its restaurants, visit workshops and permanent exhibitions of very important local artists.

  • the "los sapos" alley

    6 sur y 7 oriente

    Callejon De Los Sapos

    A corner of colonial buildings, with endless antique and rustic furniture and crafts to delight tourists. Don't forget to have a "pasita".

  • cathedral of puebla

    Calle 16 de septiembre y 5 oriente

    Catedral De Puebla

    It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals on the continent, as it has almost all artistic styles from the Renaissance to Neoclassical.

  • Pase de sn. francisco

    Despierta a la magia del renacer.

    El Paseo De San Francisco

    A very modern shopping center and one of the nicest green walks in the city, built on the ancient walls of a convent of the nineteenth century.

  • palafoxiana library

    Av. 2 Sur 708

    Biblioteca Palafoxiana

    The only ancient library in the Americas that preserves its original building, acquis and original furniture.

  • El mercado del parian

    J. de Palafox y Mendoza y Calle 16 de septiembre

    El Mercado Del Parian

    A traditional craft market, with restaurants, boutiques and attractions for tourists, located on the premises of an old market of the last century.

  • Teatro principal

    Av. 2 Sur 708

    El Teatro Principal De Puebla

    Founded in 1760, is considered the oldest and most beautiful American theatrical space. Today, it hosts the most important shows in the city.

  • Africam safari

    J. de Palafox y Mendoza y Calle 16 de septiembre

    Africam Safari

    A fascinating natural world with wild animals, where the visitors can drive amid giraffes, antelopes, zebras, rhinos, deer, Bengal tigers and lions and more.

  • the star of puebla

    Av. 2 Sur 708

    Rueda De Puebla

    Engineering work that was accredited a Guinness record as the world's largest portable observation wheel, with a height of 80 meters.

  • angelopolis mall

    J. de Palafox y Mendoza y Calle 16 de septiembre


    The Angelópolis Mall is a retail complex in a modern architectural proposal that falls short of the best developments in the world.

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