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China Poblana

Founded in 1531, Puebla de los Angeles,owes its name after the once called "place that is populated." It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 due to the magnitude of their temples, exquisite sculptures, monasteries, seminaries and ecclesiastical colleges, nursing its Historic Center.

From its imposing novohispanic architecture stand eleven convents: St. Catherine (1568), La Concepción (1593), St. Jerome(1597), Santa Teresa (1604), Santa Clara (1607), The Blessed Trinidad (1619), Santa Inés (1626), Santa Monica (1682), the Capuchins (1703), Santa Rosa (1683) and La Soledad (1748), along with the impressive Cathedral.

As a main feature, the downtown Puebla still preservs facade covered with talavera tiles, stucco moldings, wrought iron balconies and cuts made to chisel in architectural ornamentation, as well as his classic Talavera pottery, inherited from the old Arabic pottery.

This architectural legacy has allowed to accumulate an extensive bibliography and valuable works of colonial art, which is proud of its people and delight visitors to the city.